January 2020

Barrett Jackson Auto Auction Scottsdale Az

What Clients Say About Us

Trade Shows

Suplex: Makers of coil automobile springs. This hallmark German Manufacture was featured at the 2015 Chicago Automekanica tradeshow. My focus was to marry Suplex's attention to detail and dedication to precision, in the both design. You can literally see the personality of the CEO Andrew David Grahan, come out in the final presentation.

Retail Spaces

Gypse Soule: Weatherford Texas makers of amazing footwear, clothing and Accessories. Often innovators and setting the trend, you will find Amy Moorhouse and Lorinda Graham Van Newkirk hands on in every design. This space was renovated to provide a hip welcoming environment to showcase their latest creations. adding rusted scaffolding, steel walls and a scissor gate.


‚ÄčJoshua Flight 9 Design

November 2019

AAPEX Auto Show

Las Vegas Nv

  • ReHab old fixtures
  • Design Custom fixtures and showcases
  • Lighting design
  • merchandising and display
  • Propping
  • window display

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SUPLEX springs

... a client came up to me and said an interesting thing Joshua. He said, " in what you have done here (regarding our booth) its clear you have used your Heart. The head should only be used to navigate. well done. 


Andrew David Graham,

Suplex CEO

... I just turned Josh loose, couldn't be happier or more proud. He made my store a working studio, that fit me. My stye, my work. Josh made the Bad Bronc studio  Cool, thats all there is to it. 


Nick Cunningham ,

Bad Bronc Studio, Owner 

December 2019

NFR National Finals Rodeo Las Vegas Nv

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