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Malila Davalos    

​Silver King Silversmiths      Chatsworth, CA.

Josh is a true professional. He took the scope of work, delivered on time and exceeded what we had imagined. our space out shined the competition and for this we are grateful. We would recommend Josh for any job as no job is too big for him. His creative thought and execution made our product shine and this had a definite impact on sales. We will continue to use Josh in the future for sure!

Silver King Silversmiths

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Rands custom hats

... over the years, I have had the pleasure of watching you grow into a self-assured designer and creative artist. I have watched multiple projects and exhibits of our company under your  direction transform to the finest finished result that could be obtained on any size budget. My customers response was only positive every time for so many events that I have count. You are able to expand our thoughts into the finely finished result that not many could do, sometimes with limited time and space. Thanks for being a creative part of out team and I will look forward to our next adventure with your help.

Ritch Rand     Pres. / Founder

Rands Custom Hats       Billings Montana

Rands Custom Hats


Bill Reynolds CEO

Alamar Media, Inc.        Solvang Califonia

Bill Reynolds

Josh is a true Pioneer with an eye for the unknown. His vision often skews the perception of reality and put contemporary to rest. If your ready for tomorrow , your ready for HIS vision.

Trent L. Johnson-Hatter

Greeley Hat works      Greeley Colorado

Greeley Hat Works

Greeley hat works

We have been in business for over 130 years, and Josh has been an integral part for over a decade. Whether designing a line of buckles for a new trade show, selling on the show floor, or educating the customer on the design and provenance, he is first rate. Not only will Josh conceptualize the design, he will also do the sourcing and roll up his sleeves and get the job done. I have seen this not only in our experience, but in our associates Old Cowdogs, KemoSabe, Greely Hatworks, Bad Bronc Studio, Gypsy Soule, Axels of Vail, the list goes on.

Most designers and consultants bring a similar  theme to their work a touch you can see from project to project... not Josh. The quality and rich look is always there, but not with the same old themes others deliver. But enough about design.

I've not seen many people in my career so excellent on the sales floor as Josh. Representing the best of a  Professional  salesperson, Josh not only excels at closing the sale, but also making the sales process more enjoyable that customers could have imagined. You should see them with him, they hand over thousands of dollars, while smiling and thanking him all the way.

I look forward to my next business encounter with Josh. The collaboration is always stimulating and exhilarating, he is always unlocking potential you didn't know you had.

James Stegman Owner / Designer

Comstock Heritage Silversmiths                  Reno, Nevada
















Under Josh's guidance our booth was voted Best of Show Runner-up at the prestigious Barrett-Jackson 2015 Scottsdale Auction of collectable automobiles. Josh not only has an eye for enhancing your brand and product, he understands how to create the stage that allows you to exploit the best of your brand.Josh never fails to impress me with what he can create just given the opportunity. Do yourself a favor and let him show you something about your brand.

Comstock Heratige Silversmiths

I have worked with Josh in several incarnations - as a designer of western silver and as a product specific designer. In my 40 years in the media business I have not found a more energetic and creative partner. Josh brings skill, intuitive awareness, market savvy - and above all humor to many projects we have done together. Frankly, I don't know if there is anything he can't do when it comes to product design, branding or store merchandising - in ANY category.

Store and Trade show booth design

Bobby Smith

Pres. Rod Patrick Bootmakers        Weatherford Texas