Store and Trade show booth design

... the headwork behind it.

... done correctly they act as Partner in your business. This Physical Partner inspires, illuminates and help you with the sale. Setting the tone of who you are, and is approached just like in our Trade show booth example. A stage for you to perform. The magic is to convey a sense of permanence, quality and confidence that you here for the long haul.


Using old scaffolding gave us structure and the raw material to build on. the steel walls and bolts complimented our theme and offered a fresh clean surface to balance our rustic fixtures.

the most valuable change was to take out the 10 foot sliding glass doors (which only offered a 5 foot walk through) and open up the hallway walls. creating a 16 foot and 10 foot hole in the wall.  I would have gone bigger but  the contracter bored me with details about holding up the floor above, so I deferred to his expertise and settled for the 10 foot and 16 feet grand opening . this was accomplished using two entryways. The scissor gates compliment our theme and allowed us to save money too! As buyers walk the halls they are offered unobstructed views of what we have and who we are. The 5 foot choke point  opening, was often blocked by people in conversation. This was  now solved. this new space welcomed and served Gypsy Soule as it should.