Western Accounts I've Helped

  • The Bohlin Company silversmiths
  • Comstock Heritage silversmiths
  • Silver king silversmiths
  • Bad Bronc silversmiths
  • Greeley Hat Works
  • Rands Custom Hats
  • Rod Patrick Boots

Awards & Recognition

Best in Show Runner up

Barret Jackson Auto auction

​(January 2015 Scottsdale Az)

Retail Trade Show Booth Rod Patrick Boots and The Bohlin Company (SilverSmiths)

20 x 40 square feet featuring over 500 pairs of hand made cowboy boots. Hand made Sterling Silver and Gold belt buckle made by the original makers to the hollywood stars.


Let's  build a new visual presentation for your customers. One that works. I always design with your individual style and personality in mind. 


So much can be done with so little. Simply rearranging what you have or  putting proper light where "the money" is, can make all the  difference.  Using a Great sense of balance and scale we'll  Make your customers feel better in your new space. Your newly designed area will become an active partner in facilitating a sale or building better rapport .  Helping you to create a better space is what I do. More effective retail, more effective communication. End result ... More profitable.


... solving problems with creative solutions ... Flight 9 Design

... bottom line, you have to know the rules before you can break them.

Store and Trade show booth design

The Golden Ratio 1.618

The Golden Ratio has fascinated Western Intellectuals of diverse interests for at least 2,400 years. While da Vinci was aware of the Golden Ratio, the "Vitruvian Man" was not design with these proportion. Most people find the Golden Ration pleasing and we find examples in our everyday from nature to Historical marvels.