We did a great deal of the build out with friends and family. those decisions are yours to make. This begs the question whats your time worth, often your time is far more valuable than the cost of the tradesman you would hire. 

sweat equity saves a lot

Put the money where it counts. The galvenized counter had to be done by master craftsmen. Thats not the place to cut corners, in other areas, the style was raw so we took drill and saw in hand. could we weld, sure .The welders could do it better, faster and stronger. You create value by, buying right. the reclaimed lumber we got ourselves. all of the 1951 International truck was used from bumper to bumper throughout the store.  Klint Owens said that Horse we're cutting up is $1000, but we used it in two rooms. Lighting was by far one of out most expensive areas. Lighting makes or breaks the space. It's not a lot if it pays you back!

Store and Trade show booth design

Retail Spaces

...so let  the Pro's do what they do and give me a call.

‚Äč...use what you got, and thats a lot.

This Fort Worth based Tack Shop caters to both working Horseman and Cowboys alike, not to mention the many visitors to the Stockyards. Everything really is bigger in Texas. Giant spurs attract customers and bring them deep into the store. KO Trading, asked me to make the shop appeal to both of his audiences. So I drug him to the country and convinced him to buy 1951 International Pickup, which we used to create his checkout counter. from their it was a fun fill journey of using reclaimed lumber from the late 1800's to  100+ year old Bricks indigenous to the stockyards itself. Klint Owens (owner) wanted to give a nod to the heritage that made his new space so great. Not afraid to use a healthy dose of whimsy in our construction, showed our customer this is a place they could truly enjoy.