Suplex's previous booth pictured in Blue Yellow Red

Look what we did :


You're kidding your self if you think your  NOT  on stage. Theatrical performances, demand all the necessary departments, shouldn't you?

  • The stage is your booth
  • Lighting, 8 Large Par cans hung on a gangplank 50 feet in the air. in addition to the 4 Task lights set over Automobile Springs
  • Set Design, includes fixtures, color, shape, texture. this sets the feel of your space.
  • Wardrobe, what you wear speaks volumes before you ever open you mouth. How you wear it is often more important.
  • Script, what you say and communicate. This is done with physicality, the way you move, and greet someone for example. your business card. Taking notes of a conversation in journal shows interest and values your customers time.
  • The Smooze, Share quality in all you do. In the SUPLEX example we used German water and candies. Coke in a bottle, why because we are "The Real Thing".

Status Quo :

Trade Show Booths

... the performance begins, before you ever set foot on that stage!

Store and Trade show booth design